Comfortable in my own ‘designer’ skin.

Reflecting back on my design journey, 5 years of studying, 7 years in the industry and 1 year of personal business pursuits. This last year of starting a business has been the most liberating creative experience, of embracing my unique creative approach and choosing to enjoy the ride.

 To come into one's own is defined as: To become independent; to be recognized as independent and capable, usually after much effort or time. On a personal level this definition is further translated into a level of comfort and confidence in my own designer skin and ability.

I realized while studying my approach to design was mostly shaped and influenced by a very ‘purist’ academic view. When I entered the industry these ‘purist’ pursuits were quickly brought down to scale by the reality of budget constraints and populist tastes and trends.

For me, like most young designers, self-doubt and comparison had subtly shaped the process of design into a stressful amalgamation of insecurities. Of constantly looking at other local and international presidents and battling with the feeling of never quite measuring up. And like a designer with a style crisis, I became a chameleon mimicking the design approach of whoever I was working for and what I was seeing around me.

But bravely venturing out on my own – has been an incredibly freeing experience. It’s brought me to a place where I can confidently say – This is ME as a designer! Everybody might not like my designs – but somebody will! And that somebody usually LOVES it!

When I see something of absolute beauty in any built form, whether a space, a product or a building. I CHOOSE to be inspired and then let that inspiration be translated into a drive to create even - better.

We all are running a race of some kind, my challenge to myself and you reading this blog is to constantly evolve, learn and grow but boldly embrace confidence as you unlock the gift you have to give to the world around you!