100% DESIGN SA…. reflections

We all have design heroes …designers whose designs leave you in awe of the detailing, phenomenal craftsmanship and pure genius of their design ideas. Last week I got to stand alongside some of these heroes -  South Africa’s best designers at 100% DESIGN SOUTH AFRICA (9-13 August 2017).

I am writing this blog as a personal designer journal entry – to act as a reminder for those days when the journey is very real, momentum is slow and vision is blurred.

I had lots of incredible conversations during the week but two that really stood out was with Phillip Hollander and David Krynauw. Phillip, one of the founders of HOUTLANDER, humbly shared where they started 3 years ago and how they journeyed to where they are now – winning the award for Best Furniture Design at the show. Through hard work and strategic partnerships, HOUTLANDER identified a niche in the South African furniture industry and perfected the craft of spindle back seating. David Krynauw shared how he has been in the furniture design industry for 10 years but only really started to fully understand the business of design within the last 3 years.

I am incredibly proud of the AlphaBET furniture range that was on display this past week, but being surrounded by the best can so easily lead to those sneaky feelings of intimidation & insecurity. And, if one is not careful of such comparison you will find yourself trapped by two dangerous P’s: An exaggerated desire for Perfectionism that leads to Procrastination.

Listening to Phillip and Dawid’s stories helped me realize again - THIS IS MY STARTING POINT. I will therefore CHOOSE to be inspired by my industry heroes and let that inspiration drive me to create even better designs. Just because my products are not yet where I dream them to be, doesn’t mean they won’t be there someday!